Cancer Awareness

Cancer is of increasing concern to the fire service industry. Below is a list of websites that can help point you in the right direction, provide insight, and help you find the answers to the questions you have.

The Firefighter Cancer Foundation

Founded in 2004 the FFC Foundation provides international outreach, support, and resource assistance programs for firefighters and family members stricken by cancer.

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The Firefighter Cancer Support Network:

The Firefighter Cancer Support Network provides assistance, awareness and extensive training nationwide to firefighters and their families. They offer help through their cancer-support toolbox and state-specific information to help you with a cancer diagnosis.

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NFPA Health & Wellness: Firefighters and cancer

The NFPA has designated a portion of their News & Research section to the topic of firefighters and cancers. Posting updates regarding the latest legislation, the webpage also offers fact sheets and video clips that can help you raise awareness and help with prevention efforts.

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The Fire Service Cancer Toolkit

Developed by the Fire Service Occupational Cancer Alliance, this document is a comprehensive overview of the history of cancer in the fire service, research studies, occupational cancer legislation, as well as educational resources & training materials for your organization.

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"Cancer may have started the fight but I will finish it"